• The Colorado Digital Board of Cooperative Education Service (CD BOCES) serves students in blended and online learning schools and programs through unprecedented collaboration, accountability and support. The CD BOCES values academic excellence that is achieved through authentic relationships that encourage face to face student-teacher relationships while leveraging online education tools to fulfill the promise for any student, anytime anywhere.

    The CD BOCES authorizes multi district online and blended learning contract schools through a board of cooperative education services that partners with Falcon District 49 and institutions of higher education, Pikes Peak Community College. The CD BOCES serves students in online and blended learning environments. The CD BOCES accreditation process holds schools to a higher standard of accountability that proves continuous improvement.

    The Colorado Digital BOCES is:
    • An incubator for blended and online learning and teaching.
    • Building the necessary infrastructure and support systems to establish effective and compliant blended and online schools.
    • Offering online and blended learning expertise to support all teachers, administrators and staff.
    • Ensuring excellence from service providers by being a highly engaged and supportive authorizer.
    • Clearly communicating expectations to service providers, teachers, students, families and other stakeholders.
    • Monitoring real time data to ensure swift action is taken when challenges are presented.
    • Passionate about improving online and blended learning education through support, accountability and collaboration.
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