Fulfilling the promise of any student, anytime, anywhere.

List of Professional Support Services

The CD BOCES offers quality online and blended services for districts, schools and other BOCES organizations.  We carefully evaluate and customize our services to fit the needs of your students, staff and organizational requirements. These services will provide the necessary infrastructure and compliant blended learning schools and programs. Our services include:
  • Supplemental Online Courses
  • Needs Assessment for School Improvement Planning and Evaluation
  • Authorization and Accreditation
  • Evaluator Certification Training
  • Induction and Mentoring for Principals and Teachers
  • Consulting services for Online and Blended Learning Environments 

Supplemental Online Courses

The CD BOCES is passionate about improving online and blended learning education through support, accountability and collaboration. To learn more or begin serving online and blended learning students with the professional assistance of the CD BOCES, please contact Greg Wilborn at (719) 648-3200.